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contemporary dance work

Photography by Michael Slobodian

Performance Credits include:

Kidd Pivot's Assembly Hall (2024)

Belle Spirale's Untitled Solo

Venus Art Gallery's Bar Code

Anya Saugstad's Here It Is

Heather Laura Gray's Snowflake Spectacular

Anya Saugstad's Ocean Roaring  (Summer 2023 Tour)

Anya and Sophia Saugstad's Gravity In Your Eyes

Dance//Novella's STANCE

CAMP Collective's Der Klown Und Die Hexen

Anya Saugstad's Paper Mountains

Research & Creation Credits include:

Kidd Pivot's Assembly Hall

La Tresse Collective's KIN

Anne Plamondon Productions's Just Life

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre's Bygones

Netherlands Dans Theatre's Kunstkamer

Ballet BC's Romeo & Juliet


Ocean Roaring (2023 Tour)

Photography by Dayna Szyndrowski and Joy Quillinan

Under the direction of Anya Saugstad


Photography by Four Eyes Portraits

Under the direction of Dance//Novella (Racheal Prince and Brandon Alley)

Untitled 2_edited.jpg


Photography by Valerie Boulet 

Under the direction of La Tresse Collective (Erin O'Loughlin, Laura Toma and Genevieve Boulet)

Paper Mountains (of Memory) 

Photography by Bray Jorstad

Under the direction of Anya Saugstad

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